Sounds Of Blackness

They are an international musical institution, an aggregation of multi-talented men and women under

the direction and tutelage of founder Gary Dennis Hines, spreading a potent and ever-relevant

message of faith, hope, empowerment and inspiration on a global basis. They are Sounds Of Blackness

and the name says it all: since inception in 1971, the group has awed audiences the world over with the

depth and breadth of their artistry, covering all forms of African-American-derived music, from gospel

and soul to jazz, R&B, reggae, hip-hop, rock and blues, to ragtime, field hollers, work songs and

traditional spirituals.

Sounds Of Blackness—Next Generation are celebrating their 40th anniversary in grand style with the

release of their tenth album and first for Malaco Music Group. It’s a superb self-titled fifteen-track CD

that is a dazzling showcase for the group’s all-encompassing musicality. From the contemporary

groove of standout tracks like “Rise” and “Testify” to a jazzy version of the spiritual “Ev’ry Time I Feel

The Spirit” (featuring GRAMMY®-winning guitarist Norman Brown and legendary vocalist Doris

Hines, group leader Gary’s mother) and on to future Sounds classics like “Keep On Keepin’ On” and

the album’s uplifting first single, “Fly Again” (featuring track co-producer and co-writer Christian rap

artist Xross and lead vocalist Jamecia Bennett, daughter of former Sounds vocalist Ann Nesby), the

latest The Sounds of Blackness set hits home on all fronts.