Norman J. Sealy

Norman J Sealy a.k.a. Plus1 had a huge start to 2009 as support act for renowned Gospel artist Israel Houghton and New-breed.


Since then, Norman's versatility as a producer, singer, songwriter and actor, has led him to work with Matthew Knowles (remixer), Premier radio (unsigned competition), BBC (Millionaires documentary), Wil Johnson (co-star), Woolwich Works Productions (actor/writer/scoring), Tre Songs (writer), Allonsy Theatre (sound design), Hollywood Director Lovelace Lee 3rd (scoring), BEN TV (singer), Cher and B.O.B (producer/writer) to name a few.


Norman is currently working on a new comedy sitcom due to be aired on TV. Under the name of 'Plus1', Norman is recording an album that will feature new artists. His aim is to give them the opportunity they need to live their dreams.

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