Jerahmy Kellen

Black Coffee, by inspirational, soul singer, Jerahmy Kellen, is the debut single from his current EP ‘Our Relationship’.  This is a neo-soul mash up of his musical roots; traditional gospel, jazz and soul artists, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Bilal, and Erykah Badu. The project is a mid-tempo snapshot of a young urbanite’s day, mixing metaphors of spirituality with common, everyday activities.  


Jerahmy Kellen metaphorically croons through Our Relationship revealing the source of his energy with “Black Coffee”, the EP’s debut single, a deliciously smooth snapshot of a God praising young urbanite’s morning. Follow him through the day and you’ll find him laying awake, daydreaming to the mid-tempo melody “Jesus on My Mind.”  A driving 808 is the natural transition from infatuation to “Spiritual Romance”, the evident inspiration of the EP’s title. Like any young man with a new reason for living, “Who Jesus Is” boasts of Jerahmy’s find over a light-funk groove.  At the end of the day, there is nothing better to take the edge off than a “Therapy” session with the one you love.