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Dance World



Dance World:

The world of dance is an exciting field of work. Having worked alongside some of the world's greatest dancers, we also do bookings for companies and individuals who are looking for opportunities for exposure. (e.g. video, film, live shows, talent shows)

Image  Consultant


Image Consultant:

Image plays a great part in the music & media industry. Your first impression is always a lasting one.  We work to develop your image, bringing out what's already inside of you. Your personality is where we begin, finding out what will suit your character. Then we begin to form the new & improved "you."

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The Artist

The Artist:

The making of an artist in the music industry is a process. Bringing out their unique personality, learning more about the type of music they want to make, PR development, & imaging are all essentials in the music industry.

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Studio work & vocals:

Learning how to properly use your voice is a must in the industry.  We provide  professional vocal coaching, incorporating all genres.


Vocal Coaching & Studio work!

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